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Delico Consultancy can help your company find consultancy services which meet your business requirements. Operating within the financial sector, we can provide you with business-to-business consulting services and connect you with finance consultants that can help your company reach its goals.


Business Set-Up and Running

We help our clients in the end to end process of setting up and running a business in Kenya.

We facilitate:

  • Registration of the enterprise
  • Acquisition of the relevant permits and documentations
  • Search and set-up of office space
  • Key personnel hire and
  • Support functions including HR & bookkeeping
  • Advisory services

Audit and Assurance

We leverage on the experience of our auditors to provide audits of high quality, and incorporate the views and insights of the client.

Our audit approach focuses on how management runs the business and the controls set in place to mitigate risk.

We work closely with our clients to ensure protection and safeguarding of all aspects of the business from people to systems to business strategy.

Our approach is fully compliant with International Standards on Auditing (“ISAs”).


Tax and Customs Consulting

We seek to have a deep understanding of the industries our clients operate so as to align tax regulations and obligations as closely as possible with a business’s needs and strategic vision.

This approach helps our clients avoid penalties and interests arising from non-compliance and late payments.

Some of the strategies we assist our clients in include:

  • Tax planning
  • National tax services (Capital Gains tax, Income Tax, etc.)
  • International tax and offshore tax planning
  • Direct and indirect tax management
  • Resolution of disputes with the revenue authorities and tax controversy
  • Customs duty

Sourcing and Logistics

We help our clients seeking to source for goods or services (apparel, electronics & construction materials etc.) from other markets or oversees by either:

  • Importing these items on their behalf
  • Linking them with potential suppliers

We then facilitate shipping, import clearance and delivery to the desired location.


Tours and Travels

We assist clients have an affordable and convenient experience when it comes to travelling by offering exclusive travel packages within Kenya and beyond

  • Round-trip transport (bus, train or plane),
  • Transfers from bus-stop, train station or airport
  • Accommodation in top select hotels
  • Activities and excursions

Business Tourism

We provide an opportunity for our clients to visit the different areas of leisure as well as opportunity within Kenya including investment areas, prime lands for sale and agribusiness hubs. We facilitate the acquisition process once an opportunity is identified by linking our client with the seller(s), sourcing necessary documentation and seeing through the entire sales process

Other Services


Call Center

We provide Call Centre and labor assist services for overseas clients by leveraging on the affordable labor in Kenya.


Data Entry

We link our clients to service providers and coordinate back-end logistics to ensure quality of work.


Online Advertising & Marketing

We handle online adverts for our clients including moving adverts to maximize on viewership.

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